Fulfillment API

Last week we explained more about the Fulfillment Dashboard, and how it's going to make life for people running more than one store, a whole ton easier. This week, we're going to try and help out companies that have their own in house shipping and warehousing software. We call it the Fulfillment API.

This is a simple enough feature to explain. Basically we wanted a way for companies that run their own warehousing and shipping software, to still be able to use Limited Run as their online store platform, but not have to export using the dashboard. This is where the Fulfillment API idea came from. It will allow you to pull unshipped orders, without having to go into the dashboard at all. Even the Fulfillment Dashboard.

There's something else it does too. It will allow you to change inventory levels for stock requests or issues with inventory. For instance, lets say a client contacts you and asks if you can send them 3 shirts. Instead of going into the dashboard and searching for the product, then editing the inventory manually, you can do it right through your own warehousing software, that's connected to Limited Run through the Fulfillment API. Another good example is lets say you find some damaged goods, or even worse, you don't find the goods at all! This is an unfortunate reality when dealing with physical goods. Sometimes they just "disappear". Hopefully this helps you manage issues like this, a little easier.

If you have any specific questions, please get in touch. Thanks Everyone.