Last week we announced a brand new direction for Limited Run, and we promised that the features we’d be releasing would blow you away. And the first feature we want to blow you away with, might be the most important one we’ve ever released. That feature is Newsletter.

We spent nearly all of our free time in 2016 on a Newsletter system that’s so powerful, we’re going to change our entire branding to promote it. Here’s a small part of what it can do:

Subscriber Groups

Probably the most amazing part of our Newsletter system is Subscriber Groups. This will allow you to email nearly any combination of newsletter subscribers imaginable. For instance, let’s say you wanted to email everyone who bought something from the band Field Mouse, that’s also in a 100 mile radius of New York City. You can do that in a few clicks. This would be extremely helpful if a band that you signed to your label, had a 30 stop tour, and you wanted to setup 30 unique tour stop emails. You might say, "Hey why don't I just email everyone the entire list of tour stops?" Sure, you could do that, but bombarding people with info on a band, they might not be interested in, is a great way to lose subscribers. And emailing only people who bought a product related to that band, is a great way of targeting only the people who are interested.

You can create a group based on the most simplest condition, to the most complex. What if you launched a pre-order for the vinyl version of a new album. There's 2 colors, black and green. The black is coming to you from the plant on time, but they're having trouble with the green. Maybe you want to ship the black out on time, then email everyone who bought the green copy, tell them about the delay, and give them a 10% discount code as an apology. Whoa!

Let's combine the 2 above ideas, into one pinpoint accurate newsletter email. What if you wanted to email a 5% off discount to everyone who has ordered a product from the band X, but HASN'T pre-ordered their new album yet. That's not only possible, but extremely easy.

Fully Customizable Templates

You can use one of our great templates and customize it with our editor, or even tweak the source with html. And if you’re feeling lucky, you could build a template of your own from scratch.

Switching From Another Service?

No reason to worry about email addresses you've collected from your previous store or newsletter service. We'll let you import all of them, so you can manage everything from your Limited Run store.

MailChimp Template Import

Our system is compatible with MailChimp, so if you wanted to switch from them, to us, just choose "Import Mailchimp Template" when creating a new one.

What Are The Limits and Cost?

Now when we tell you this, I don't want you to lose your mind. It'll be impossible to use this system, if you have no mind. There are no limits on this feature. You can have as many subscribers as you want, and you can send as many emails as you want. And how much extra are you going to pay for it? Nothing. Zero. Nada. There are no feature restrictions with v3. If you're on it, you get unlimited EVERYTHING.

This is just a taste of what's possible with our fully integrated Newsletter system. You'll also be able to see stats, schedule emails, and much more. It's a complete replacement for whatever you're using now, and not only that, but it's most likely twice as good! If you have any specific questions, please get in touch. Thanks everyone.