Redesigned Checkout Experience & More

Hey everyone! We've done a lot over the last few months. Let's talk about them.

We're using a brand new paypal gateway. We've been hanging on to the old gateway for dear life because the new one didn't have all the features we needed. Recently that changed, so we did too. It's been an incredible addition to our checkout.

Speaking of the checkout, we redesigned it! It's looking great and the new flow is going to make it a lot easier to add new features to the checkout process. We'll talk more about those features in the future.

For our EU customers, we updated our credit card processing to use SCA. This is like an enhanced protection flow required by Stripe that lets you use a pin to confirm your purchase. Not all banks use this feature, so if some customers don't see it, don't worry. Most won't.

FREE SSL on all storefronts. This was a massive undertaking, but it's finally been completed. You can also use your A Record now, which is really convenient. If you don't see a lock icon or https in your URL, send us an email.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, and over the years we've tweaked and molded our standard exports to try and cover most of the customer requirements. Still there are some people that have been doing things a certain way for many years, and it just works better for them. So we built a custom exporter that lets you decide exactly what you want in an export, and nothing else.

To make your Bundle creation life easier, we released a Product & Bundle Duplication feature. This makes an exact duplicate of the product or bundle you're currently in.

Lastly, one of the most requested features of 2020, Phone Number Collection. This lets you request or require the phone number of your customer at checkout.

Is there a feature you really want? Take this survey and let us know.