Digital Sales are Fee-Free for May

We're very happy to announce that for the entire month of May, all digital sales through stores will not be charged our 5% service fee. Sell as much as you want, and your balance won't be affected. Below are a couple of ideas we had for how to utilize this no fee month.

The simple move would be to create a category for your digital products, and promote it at the top of your theme. You can do this by going to Storefront, Pages, New Link To External, and then create a link to the category you created. Make sure you check the box at the bottom so it shows off the link in your navigation.

Another great idea involves livestream recordings. Right now doing livestreams and selling tickets to them is a great way to entertain your fans while they're stuck at home, as well as make up for some of the losses suffered from canceled tours. Well what if you took the recording of that livestream and gave it to a sound engineer? They could create a cleaned up version for you to sell as a digital product. While it won't be recording studio quality, it'll be better than what your fans heard, and I bet a lot of people would love to hear that.

For further explanation of how to post a digital product, please see this help doc. Good luck everyone and stay safe.