Ten Years Later

When Limited Run launched back in November of 2009, we just wanted to put something out there for people to use and hopefully find helpful. For some reason though, everyone who used the platform didn’t say “oh yeah this is helpful.” They said, “This is totally changing the way I sell music and merch to fans.” That definitely gave us some pause. When you start a project for fun, or the love of building something, you just hope you’ll change your own life. You never think it’ll change other people’s lives too. But that’s exactly what happened. We set out to make our own lives better, and millions of people came along for the ride.

Limited Run has grown every single year we’ve been in business. We’ve taken zero investment, and we’ve done it with only 2 people. It’s a feat rarely seen in this industry. But we’re very quiet about it. We don’t post on Twitter, or send out tons of newsletters, or even write many blog posts. We don’t look for the spotlight. We don’t email news sites asking for articles to be run about us. We don’t advertise. We also don’t talk about the hurdles we’ve had to jump, or the people that have tried to hurt us, or the bones that needed to heal. We just do our thing, and users trust that the platform will operate at a higher level each year. That’s an incredible relationship.

What does it take to be in business for over 10 years? You must listen to your customers, look for opportunities, take big risks, and finally, always have a backup plan for when those risks don’t pay off. If you do all that, you’ll have a better than average chance of succeeding. But what does it take to just “be in business”? The desire to put yourself and your product out into the world. Sounds easier than all that other stuff, but it isn’t. This soap box derby only needs a single kick to get going, but that kick seems to take every ounce of strength you have.

Here’s to the next 10 years. Thanks everyone.