Daily SoundScan Reports & More

We have a bunch of things left to tell you about for our final post of the week. Let's do this in list form:

Daily SoundScan Reports

Yes, we do SoundScan reporting! I know it's not on our homepage, but we do it! We do a lot of things that aren't on our homepage. Sometimes we even think the homepage has too much info on it. But that's a discussion for another day. So on the reporting change, SoundScan recently switched from weekly reporting, to daily reporting, and we've updated our system to reflect that. If you didn't know that we already did SoundScan reporting, check out this help doc.

Support For New TLDs

If you want to use one of those wacky new TLDs like .coffee and .design, in your custom domain, then you'll be happy to know that we now support all of these.

Uploading Your Own Fonts

No surprise here. We now let you upload your own fonts, while editing files in your custom theme. The way we handled this in the past was just embarrassing, so we're glad this is taken care of now.

Reversed Search Results

This one seemed so obvious when a customer pointed it out, but it was the first time anyone has ever said anything. We used to return products oldest first when searching a store. That made no sense. We should have been returning the newest products first! Search for a band, and you want to see their newest preorder, right at the top. Duh.